Our Team

Benjamin Ho, Founder & Manager

Ben is an ultimate frisbee enthusiast and aspires to set the Singapore ultimate frisbee scene on fire with his love for the sport! Well respected for his motivational style of coaching, he is often able to drive teams to outperform themselves. Don’t let his no-nonsense demeanour fool you! While he definitely means business when he’s coaching his teams, he also has a light-hearted side, making him well-liked within his social circles. 

“Be so good, they can’t ignore you!” 

Jasmine Seah, Founder & Manager

Jasmine is an optimistic and feisty individual who loves all things outdoors. Her dream is to be able to travel the world and make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. She thoroughly enjoys hiking, diving, and other adventure and outdoor activities, though sometimes she tends to bite off more than she can chew! Her close circle of friends can vouch for her fun-loving personality and her occasional silly antics which often makes her the life of the party! 

“One should not focus on the downs that makes you frown but the ups that makes you smile.”

Kristi Ng, Customer Service and Events Manager


Kristi balances the team out with her organizational skills and efficiency. Despite her seriousness, Kristi has a fun loving person with a big heart. She spends most of her free time either chasing disc or catching up with her friends over a good meal. Kristi loves all things food (except carrots) and is often cooking up a storm in her kitchen with her husband. One day she hopes to travel the world, doing what she loves best; experiencing cultures, and eating food. 

“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.”


Sheng, Marketing Coordinator

Sheng is an enthusiastic student currently studying in Perth. His personality make him really fun to chat with and easy to work together. He is a long distance runner and race walker, but recently finds frisbee as his new love sport. His dream is to share the joy of playing frisbee to everyone he knows.

"When you feel like quitting, think about why you started."


Nurul, Marketing Coordinator

Nurul can be described as a perfectionist when it comes to her work. Given any task, she makes an effort to get it done efficiently and makes sure to focus on the tiniest details. She has a quiet nature, and makes it a point to spend quality time with her family and friends (and cats). A sports enthusiast, she started playing netball at a young age of 8, before finding out about Ultimate Frisbee in 2013 and has been passionate about it ever since. She also watches soccer with her dad, a father-daughter bonding session every weekend. 


"What we think, we become."