Company Profile

Rubixwear is currently based in two countries - Australia and Singapore. As its name suggests, the idea was conceived from a Rubix's cube and gives our clients the confidence that Rubixwear is able to take on design requests of all sorts and guarantees to produce highly-customized sports jerseys of excellent quality! Our valued clients can bring their innovative jersey design(s) which are uniquely representative of their country, team and/or association to us and we will turn their designs into reality so that the Ultimate Frisbee players can wear them with pride and passion. 

Our Mission

Rubixwear strives to transfer a passion for your team and sports as a whole, through high-quality & value-for-money sports apparel customisation. We seek to gain a presence in the sports apparel market by being the valued supplier choice for your team!

Wear our sports jerseys with a team’s pride and play in ultimate comfort. We want you and your team to look the part, play the part!

Our Vision

Rubixwear envisions to become a leading sports apparel supplier that seeks to instill in sports players a sense of pride and passion for their team and the sport when they wear our uniquely customised jerseys. 

More specifically, we aspire to be client-focused, become the preferred sports apparel supplier within Asia Pacific and spread the awareness and love for a variety sports through consistent exceptional service and high-quality products.