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Let's talk. Simply send your expression of interest to sales@rubixwear.com.


We know how having a good quality, comfortable uniform is for the team's performance. Talk to us and see how your club could be a potential partner with Rubixwear!


Rubixwear have supported Disc Graceful from the beginning, providing good prices for customised merchandise.

Disc Graceful Ultimate Club

We could not have been more pleased by our experience with Rubixwear this year- they gone above and beyond to help us.

Extinction Ultimate Frisbee Club

They continue to impress us
with their attention to detail and desire to achieve the best outcome. 

Monash Ultimate Frisbee Club

Their commitment to supporting and building the local Ultimate community is a big positive for us."

Heads of States Ultimate Club

It has truly been a great experience to partner with them.

Melbourne Uni Ultimate Club
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